The Company is a strategic supplier for several leading multinational companies in their product sectors, including:

With a view to guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction, the Company Management decided to develop a Quality Management System capable of rationalizing all processes in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

The combination of  hi –tech technology / professionalism of the workers with the contribution of systematic controls in the various stages of the production process, from the moment of acceptance of the materials to the release of the finished product, contribute to offer a high quality standard to the Customer.

All the raw materials or components (both for the blanking and molding departments and for the molds and mechanical manufacturing departments) are acquired by the best producers present on the market, which issue a special certificate for the release of the material in compliance with the mandatory regulations.

There is the possibility that the materials are supplied directly by customers under the supervision of Tecno Trancerie S.r.l.

TECNO TRANCERIE S.R.L. has achieved the certification according to the standards uni en iso 9001:2015 (quality system management) in the year 2016


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